Questions About Morality Laws

Have you ever noticed inconsistencies in laws regarding moral matters? I was on a jury today in which the defendant was charged with attempting to pay for a “deviant sexual act.” When the lawyers were asking prospective jurors questions, the prosecutor asked if anyone thought prostitution should be legal, or did we all agree that it should be illegal, as it is in Texas at this time.

Oh, boy. Here we go. I raised my hand. I could feel everyone’s stares as I explained that this is one of those things that I’ve thought of lately that I’m not sure of anymore. All I said in explanation was that I wasn’t sure if it should be legal, illegal, probably state regulated if it IS legal. Just not sure. The prosecutor asked me what about DWI? I said, “Illegal!” I guess he was trying to figure out if I’m an anarchist. I’m about as tame as I look. I actually look a bit boring.

We were asked as a group if we all agree that prostitution is harmful to the community. I certainly agree with that. So, why do I have questions? Well, there are already things that most people believe are immoral, such as pornography, that are legal. I believe porn is harmful for everyone who is involved in any way. I don’t believe it’s a victimless thing.

Well, let me back up for the sake of my Christian friends who may be wondering if I’ve lost my mind. Yes, porn and prostitution are sins. They break the commandment that we should not commit adultery even if it’s only in our thoughts, as Jesus brought it to that very level. It is a total dissing of the Covenant relationship that God wants His people to have when they are married. Marriage is supposed to be a visual example of the Covenant that God has with His church. Honesty, fidelity, love and exclusiveness are part of it.

But, have you ever noticed that there is no law against adultery? A married person can break their covenant promise and there is no fine or jail time or anything. Very few people believe it’s OK to do that, but some do. It’s the kind of relationship they choose. So, should adults be free to make these kinds of choices? If adultery and porn are legal, why is prostitution illegal? Would it cut down on the spread of disease if it was regulated and the prostitutes had to see a doctor regularly? Would it make our streets safer if we didn’t have prostitutes hanging out on the streets? I see it all the time. I live in ‘that’ part of town. Just wondering……

Addendum to Questions About Morality Laws, September 2, 2009.
What we are doing isn’t working. There was a sting last week here in town; there were 15 arrests. Twelve of the arrests were for prostitution, or loitering for the purpose of prostitution and out of the 15, 7 were on a street that is near where I live. This street is known for this activity. It’s 3 miles long and has a total of 12 churches. I didn’t count the ones I could see on the cross streets. This part of town is saturated with churches. It’s also saturated with crime. Hopefully, over the years some folks have made their way from the street to the churches, but the ones who were taken to jail last week are probably right back out there as I’m typing. Some folks will never darken the door of a church for various reasons. And some folks will do the wrong thing no matter what. We offer drug treatment and we should. That is what is behind a lot of prostitution. We are carting addicts off to jail, fining them, turning them loose, they go right back to what they were picked up for in the first place. The same people are arrested over and over. I wonder how many times the lady had been picked up who I watched pound on the door of the drug addict’s house? This happened when we lived a few blocks from where we are now. I was outside, the house was on the corner, no one came to the door and it was obvious people were there. After yelling repeatedly and pounding on the door, then the window, then the door again, she went back to the window and tried to take the screen off. My kids were not outside so they didn’t see that. Most likely, other kids were outside.
I did a bit of research into prostitution laws in other countries. There are a variety of ways to deal with this. I have no interest in sorting it all out into a blog, but you may want to take a few minutes and search “prostitution in Sweden”, Israel, Canada, Australia, Denmark, etc. I wish we could do something to get it away from our kids, get the resources and the people together who want to get out of it, quit wasting law enforcement time and dollars on this when there are much more serious things going on, and keep the disease rates down among prostitutes. Like I said, what we are doing isn’t working.