Something We Ought to All Agree On

I like to get my news from a variety of sources. I don’t want to be anyone’s malleable mushy little mouth with no brain. So – I check out the liberal and the conservative. And in the process, I notice that even though we have different views – I never completely agree with either one – I do find that I can stand right next to either one in solid agreement on some things. I wonder if Naomi Wolf – who I admire for her intellect and courage, and Gordon Robertson – who I love as a brother in Christ – were to sit down and have a conversation about WikiLeaks…well, would they agree on anything?

Naomi Wolf said the court determined during the trial of Daniel Ellsburg that it’s not illegal to print classified material. He gave something called the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times back in 1971, and the government freaked out. It all had to do with Vietnam and how congress had been lied to and of course, the public had been lied to as well. The court said the person or persons who print the material have not broken any laws. The one in trouble would be the one who stole the classified material – not the one who received and published it. The court said the benefit to the public was greater than the risk to the government.

Gordon Robertson said (700 Club, 12/10/2010) the State Department has been rumored to be behind the companies (PayPal, Amazon, MasterCard, Visa) not doing business with WikiLeaks and if they are, it might be because they know a court case would be risky for them. They stand a good chance of losing because of the precedent set in the Daniel Ellsberg case. If they can shut off funding to WikiLeaks, they can shut down WikiLeaks without a trial, which besides they would probably lose, would be very complicated since Julian Assange is not a US citizen. Besides all this, Gordon Robertson pointed out that whether the decision to not do business with WikiLeaks comes from the government, or from the companies, it’s all being done without a trial and only because the government – or whoever – doesn’t like Julian Assange’s ideas.

I think a conversation between them would show agreement on one thing for sure. Both Naomi Wolf and Gordon Robertson have said that this is how societies shut down. They control the sharing of ideas and information. On this, they agree. Gordon went on to talk about how the cash flow, which is all electronic and not actually cash, is cut off. This is a way of controlling who can buy and sell based on a person’s ideas and beliefs. If you are familiar with his interpretation of Revelation, you can see where he is going with this.

If you have been upset with Julian Assange, I think your outrage is misplaced. The one who broke the law is the one who gave the information out. (And how on earth did a Private (!) get this stuff? Is he somebody’s fall guy? If the private who is accused did this, did he have enough brains to know what he was doing?) The ones we ought to be really upset with are those in the government who hide things from us that they don’t want us to know because they shouldn’t be doing those things. Like we have been secretly bombing Yemen. Like our State Department seems to have helped in a cover up of some disgusting activity that one of our contractors was involved in over in Afghanistan. And then there are the juicy little comments some of our diplomats made about world leaders. Haven’t people learned that if you don’t want it to be repeated, you don’t put it in print in any way, shape or form? Apparently not.

Well, it seems to me that liberals and conservatives ought to be in agreement here. (I wouldn’t expect this of the neo ones of either view in government or newstainment – that would jeopardize their power. I’m talking about you and me – regular everyday US citizens.) To restrain someone in any way because you don’t like what they have said or thought is a very dangerous road to travel. Naomi Wolf and Gordon Robertson can agree on that. And I agree with both of them. Can you?


It’s All Crazy

Ever since I watched the Naomi Wolf video last Saturday (which you can see on I have been a bit overwhelmed. I’ve been trying to digest what she has said and on top of that, learning a bit about Blackwater (!!!!) and other groups like them (!!!!!), listening to the retired Army Intelligence guy who was almost escorted out of an audience for asking Donald Rumsfeld an uncomfortable question, trying to find out who the legislator was whose quote I read in a book back in the mid 1980’s who said the homeschoolers wouldn’t fit in with the New World Order they were planning (that was televised, too!), thinking back over a few decades of government and social changes to see if it makes any sense, learning that King George wants money for bunker-busting bombs, but we are only doing sanctions not planning to bomb Iran – yeah, right. My house is a wreck and I was really sleepy so I slept late today.

I thought I should have a cup of tea and look and see how things are going with Ron Paul and check my email then take care of my house. What did I find? The House passed to the Senate for consideration by Senate committees, H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. I looked it up and at the very beginning it says, “An Act To prevent homegrown terrorism, and for other purposes.”

WHAT??!!!! “Prevent”? We prevent neighborhood crime by having Neighborhood Watch. What does FEDERAL crime prevention look like? We haven’t really had that as far as I know. Has Neighborhood Watch been part of our lives for a whole generation in order to – or did it just work out that way? – prime us for the idea of people spying on each other? I have wondered that for years but now I’ve finally said it.

And what “other purposes” are they talking about? I had to print it out and will read it later. Oh, gee…..I just rubbed my forehead and looked at this act and found something else alarming……”The Internet has aided in facilitating violent radicalization, ideologically based violence, and the homegrown terrorism process in the United States by providing access to broad and constant streams of terrorist-related propaganda to United States citizens.” So, do they want to do something about that? Know what this reminds me of? China. They control what their citizens can see on the internet in China. Are we even considering doing that here??!!! Sounds like it. I’m still on the first page.

Aw, shoot. My tea is getting cold and my house looks the same as when I just sat down to see how Ron Paul is doing and check my email. Someone please tell me I’m still asleep and I didn’t wake up to this nightmare.

The “List”

This is unreal. Well, I wish. According to there are almost 755,000 names on the government’s terrorist list. This is a list of names of people who shouldn’t be crossing our borders either by air, land or sea. Do you really think, even with differences in spellings that could put a person on more than once, that there are anywhere NEAR that many terrorists??? It depends on the definition. It has been expanded to include animal rights activists. I wonder who else? Expanding the definition is part of the expansion of
government control on the way to a closed society, by the way. They start with people most people don’t identify with and keep adding folks.

The so-called experts say the list is so long and cumbersome it’s almost impossible to use it. They also said, “Homeland Security has not done enough to use the list more broadly in the private sector, where workers applying for jobs in sensitive places such as chemical factories could do harm.” Really???

Since there aren’t that many terrorists, even when you count animal rights activists, why are so many people on this list? I don’t think it’s always by ‘mistake’ that they are added. Naomi Wolf isn’t a terrorist and if you saw the video I mentioned in a previous blog – or read her book, “The End of America” – you know some people are on the list who don’t know how or why they are on it. A man in Denver told Ms.Wolf that he, a retired military man, is on the list and so is his teenage son! And I guess if you fit their unknown criteria, you will have trouble finding a job at certain places.

I guess about the only good thing is that it is so cumbersome it’s just about useless. What on earth is the criteria for making this list? If you are tazed during a political speech for asking a question, would you make the list? If you don’t want the US to torture people and have secret prisons (black sites) do you get to be on it? If you think it’s a joke do they add your name? This is NOT the country that I was born in half a century ago.

Seriously, I think they need to know who should not be coming into this country but this is so stupid. Like my husband just said, “They may just snatch you up one day, huh?” I guess that is why it is so long? To intimidate us? Sorry to be so rambly…it’s hard to put all this together. I’ve been thinking for days about “The End of America” and Naomi Wolf’s speech and will be writing more later. And I hope I’m not so rambly next time.

Germany – Early, 1930’s/America, Now

Hey, Folks. Got one for you here….

This has something about Ron Paul in the title but it is not about Ron Paul. He is only mentioned in regards to the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007.

This is a 45 minute talk by Naomi Wolf. She is an author who has an elderly friend who kept telling her that different things that have happened since we started this “War on Terror” are like what happened in the early 30’s in Germany. She thought it was rhetoric and brushed it off. Finally, she started reading Goebbels and things about Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pinochet…and now she has written a book, The End of America. In the book and in this talk, she tells the steps a leader goes through to close down a society. She said there is a blueprint for this. And it starts with “Invoke a terrifying internal and external threat. And very often this threat can be real. And they’ll hype it or use it manipulatively.” Next comes “Create a secret prison system where torture takes place that is outside the rule of law. And very often they establish military tribunals that will also strip prisoners of due process.” It goes on to creating a paramilitary force (such as Blackwater, which patrolled in New Orleans after Katrina) and a surveillance apparatus aimed at citizens and more. She gives examples of these things happening here and now. These are documented things we have heard in the news. And they are some of the same things these dictators did. She is on “the list” to be searched at airports and had a letter from Homeland Security placed in her luggage. It’s a riveting 45 minutes!! OH! And I wondered what on earth this firing of US Attorneys was all about. We heard so many conflicting stories. Now I know since I saw this video.

The good news is that it is not too late!! Millions of us together can fight back and one way is to urge our representatives to support the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007.