Would I Want to Live in Paulville?

I heard about a community that is starting up in Hudspeth County here in Texas. ┬áThis is a bit different from other communities we hear about. This isn’t a retirement community or a religious community; it’s a political community. They are calling it Paulville because the residents will all be libertarians and supporters of Ron Paul. ┬áHudspeth County has no building codes so folks can build their homes however they choose, and can be off grid if they would like, and no one will be dictating all the little details of their life. Well, other than the Federal Government who seems to be obsessive lately about the details of our lives.

West Texas sounds like next to heaven to me. I’ve wondered if there is a county in Texas without building codes where I could build whatever however I wanted. Seems to be at least one. And I definitely support Ron Paul as well as like-minded folks who are running for political offices. But would I want to live in a community of totally like-minded individuals? If I go to the local coffee shop who is there to discuss politics with? Everyone agrees, so who is there to challenge me on what I believe and why, and who could I challenge? That sounded a bit boring to me.

I was talking with a friend and she pointed out how the government went into Waco and El Dorado when they were after a whole group. She said if we all go there it just makes it easier for them to round us up if it should come to that. Oh. Good point.

A few days ago, I read that we are voting in blocks geographically. The article said it used to not be that way. Liberals and conservatives all lived in the same neighborhoods and knew one another and now we are all neighbors with like-minded people. That keeps us from mingling with one another and it makes it easier for the parties to demonize us to one another. And then after all that – the two parties are so much alike I can hardly tell them apart so I and lots of other folks are looking at how to bring one back to sanity and looking for who to vote for that is running third-party.

Well, it’s an interesting mess. I may move to West Texas one day and find a spot where I can build what I want and how I want, but I don’t think I’ll do the community thing. It sounds peaceful in a way, but I want to mix and mingle, to rub elbows with folks who don’t think like I do.