Great Birding While Gardening

Wow. I’m really late getting my garden in this year. I’ve expanded it and we – my husband, son, my dad and myself – had to move some heavy things and cut through some clay that had my dad’s cultivator bouncing. It has been a lot of work but I like being outside, so that’s OK.

About all I have left of the many different seeds I started back during the winter is tomatoes. My cat didn’t like the tomato plants and that’s why. I’ve also planted beans and cucumbers. I sure hope this stuff comes up. An armadillo did a bit of his own digging in my garden and I hope I didn’t replant any sprouted beans too deeply.

Yesterday afternoon while I was planting tomatoes I was listening to a pileated woodpecker who sounded like he was laughing as he flew from tree to tree in the woods. Then I heard a single sound, “Peek!’, then in a minute I heard it again, and then once more. I wondered who that was and looked up at the mulberry tree and there was a rose-breasted grosbeak! Man, I wish there was a way to rig up binocular lenses that I could flip down over my glasses! I was pretty close, but binoculars would have been wonderful.

As I was watching him, I noticed another bird moving around in trees and brush near the mulberry. I knew that wasn’t one that I usually see but couldn’t identify it. Last night I looked in my book and I think it was a female summer tanager, but I’m not positive. I’ll have to watch for more of them.

At my feeders, I’ve had a female red-bellied woodpecker, two female house finches and one male, and yesterday evening an indigo bunting flew (probably from the feeder) into the window and knocked himself a bit silly. He sat on the fence awhile and waited for the stars he must have been seeing to go away. A couple weeks or so ago, I had a painted bunting on the feeder. Along with those birds, we have also had plenty of mourning doves, white-winged doves, sparrows of various types, cardinals, blue jays and chickadees.

I’ve been inside today catching up on things in here while I give my foot and knee a little time to rest. I flipped a heavy concrete thing over on my foot yesterday and really didn’t feel like using a shovel or standing a whole lot today. And my knee is just old and is complaining about all the bending. I may still get out there this evening a do just a little more. I have six more tomato plants that need to go into the ground.