Birds This Summer

Did you get all excited about putting out hummingbird feeders this spring only to have the hummingbirds disappear in early summer? I found out where they went! According to Birds and Blooms magazine, they don’t come to our sugar-water feeders when they are busy feeding bugs to their babies. Ah,ha! I wish I had a bug feeder. (I’ve never heard of such a thing as a bug feeder, but it might be a cool way to dispose of garden pests.)

When my hummers disappeared this year I took my feeders down. Then a few weeks ago I had a male ruby-throat show up at the kitchen window. One of my feeders normally hangs near that window and he was apparently trying to convince me, by flying back and forth in front of the window and looking at me, to put the feeder back out. I did and I never saw him again.

One day last week, a female hummer did the same thing. I really didn’t want to go through the whole process again of making up the food and hanging it out for them when all I’d get to see is the food getting icky and not being eaten. So, I didn’t run to the stove with water and sugar.

Yesterday, a neighbor told me she and another neighbor are seeing hummers at feeders now, so I reckon today is the day. I’ll feed these fascinating little birds again and they and I will be happy about it.

Now about those other birds. Seems I was having chickens on my platform feeder and not so much the other birds. It happens every year. Not the chickens, but the song birds not coming to the feeder quite so often.

Yep. That’s a chicken.

The song birds like what God has provided in the woods during the summer I guess, so they don’t show up so much. Sometimes when that happens I slack off on the feeder-filling. This year the advantage of this situation is that the chickens might have forgotten there is bird seed up there? We’ll see. There were baby cardinals in the tree outside the kitchen window a couple of days ago, so I started putting seed out again.

If you wondered where your birds went, I hope this answered your question. They’ll be back, just hang in there. As for me, I hope the chickens don’t come back.