Random Thoughts

To pick up where I left off last…I was talking with my brother about the floor mopping and possession tossing I’ve been doing and he said he has an acronym for what ought to be done with excess possessions. He said it’s BBB. Backhoe, Big Hole, Burn. I told him I have friends who would like that and he said he’s got 150 acres available if anyone wants to use it in that way to dispose of stuff. He said there’s nothing growing there execpt hay and the cows won’t care.

I realized something this morning. I knew last night that I had done too much and was too tired. I knew if I kept pushing I would be exhausted and get sick. I did my Olympic Mopping (that’s when I have to do it really fast and it works up quite a sweat) this morning so I could pick up my son from work and then get up to the hospital. Mom had surgery yesterday and Dad needed to go home for a shower and stuff. Anyway, while I was taking vitamin C and echinacea (becuase of being over-tired I had congestion and my face hurt) and doing my mopping I was thinking about how it’s really neat to be 51. I have lived in this body long enough to know what it needs in the way of food, water, rest and exercise for maximum efficiency. If you know me at all, you know I am very goal oriented and I like to get as much done in as little time as I can and still enjoy life while doing life. I have also learned how hard I can push my body before it pushes back. That’s real neat to know. We can’t control all the circumstances that cause us to stress and to miss sleep and food sometimes – you know, stuff like surgery and illness and work schedules. But when we can make the choices over what we do control and can make those choices in a way that works with how each of us is hard-wired…well, I just think that’s cool. Glad I lived long enough to figure it out.

There was a headline in a newspaper that I ran across yesterday that caught my attention. It had to do with evacuating for hurricanes. Last time I did that was in ’05. I’ll never do it again. I’m on the edge of the storm surge area and it would take a huge storm at high tide to even get water in my yard. My house is not flat on the ground so I really doubt I’d have any water inside. Anyway, what got me about this article were the comments made by the person in charge of disaster and emergency stuff. He said they had been worried that people wouldn’t leave the coastal areas because of the traffic and now they are adding gas costs to it and they are more worried about people not leaving. He said they have an agreement not to lower the costs of fuel for evacuations so they can’t do anything about that. BUT – this is what got me! He said the people who left last time (in’05) who were not in the storm surge area were “shadow evacuees!” We were clogging up traffic because we were about 1/2 of the cars on the road. Good grief. We only left because we saw what happened in New Orleans and they said “mandatory evacuation”, there won’t be any city services, no cops, no firemen, no hospitals, nothing at all. They even told people to get out who live way further away from any possible surge than I do. And when it was over they told people to leave who had stayed. I really got irritated to hear that when I thought back to what they put us through, then they say this! Then I realized I won’t be having the conversation in my front yard with some emergency worker who’s having an emergency and thinks I should be, too, because a hurricane is coming. I won’t have to tell them that the only place I’m going is to the middle of my house and don’t they have work to do. HA!

I saw a story on 700 Club News this morning about children and cholesterol drugs. Seems the drug companies have saturated (this is my opinion) the market of adults and can’t get us holdouts to take their pills so now they are going after children. Some doctors are advocating testing children as young as TWO! Can you imagine? A two year old with “high” cholesterol and a family history of heart trouble being given statin drugs! That just blows me away.

At the hospital when a baby is born we get to hear a bit of a lullaby over the loudspeakers. And every so often they also play a bit of The Byrd’s “Turn, Turn, Turn” …”there is a season, turn, turn turn”. I figured out the lullaby was announcing a baby just born – arrivals – but I didn’t know the meaning of “Turn, Turn, Turn.” I mean I know it’s from the Bible (Ecclesiastes) but why were they playing it? I thought surely not to announce that someone died – departures? So, I asked and, no. It’s not to announce departures. It’s to remind nurses to turn patients who can’t turn themselves. The lady I asked said it’s the “turn” part of the song and I said, “Oh, not the season part.” I told her I figured folks would complain if they announced departures like that.

Well, I’ve got peas to pick so I better go now. Hope the mosquitos aren’t too bad.