Silly Cat

My cat, Captain, is taking medicine and I was supposed to give him a pill middle of the morning today. It was almost noon when I remembered. He had just jumped up into a kitchen chair and I knew it would be impossible to catch him if he was under the table so I left the room. I knew he would follow me to see what I was doing because he follows me around all day.

I went into the den and got his pill popper loaded and got his 5 treats out of the bag for him and put them on a TV tray. Then I went to the utility room to move the laundry along. When I came out of there he was in the den and he was looking at me really funny.

I was standing next to the old towels that I use to wrap around him when I give him his pills so I picked one out of the basket and he crouched and started to run but I got him. I thought that was why he looked at me with such a strange expression. I told him I guess he knew this was coming – that I had forgotten.

When I walked over the couch with him I saw that he had managed to snatch the treats off the TV tray without knocking it over. Aha! So, that was the reason for the odd look in his eyes. He knew he did something he wasn’t supposed to do.

I gave him his pill and he became frantic when he saw I wasn’t going to give him any more treats. He followed me, pouncing at my feet. I kept telling him no more treats because he already had them, so he tore off into the livingroom and sulked till he got over it.