Nazism, Communism, Darwinism, Capitalism

Awhile back I read some things about Nazism, Communism, Darwinism and Capitalism. Seems that journalists like Communism but not Nazism. There was nothing to like about the philosophy or the practice and results of Nazism. It’s pretty obviously brutal. But Communism is an attractive idea and journalists like ideas according to what I read. Makes sense and after all, it sounds good on paper – share and share alike. It’s a different deal in practice. Part of the reason the first winter here on this continent was so rough for the Pilgrims and so many of them were starving is because they were practicing a form of communism in the way they set up the growing and sharing of food. Not enough workers and everyone wanted to eat. So, before it was even written about by Karl Marx, it wasn’t working. And that is just one aspect of communism.

The other is how Communism, like Nazism, has caused the deaths of countless people in camps, prisons, mental hospitals, by firing squads- there seems to be no end to the ways a person can die by the hand of their own government under these systems. So, why does something that sounds good end up putting its own citizens in jeopardy? The common denominator in both philosophies is Darwinism.

Communist philosophy is based on dialectical materialism. They believe man evolved through economics. From slavery to serfdom to capitalism to socialism and on up to the pinnacle of man’s advancement – communism. Dialectical means this does not happen in a straight line but in a spiral and could go back and forth from one to the other with the progress ending up closer to communism after each change. In other words, China has no problem sliding over to capitalism for a bit. A true communist sees this as a temporary thing while the society is on their way to total communism.

The way it was explained, materialism means there is no difference between a robot, a dog or a man in kind. There is no spirit. If man has no more value than a machine, then if that man is in the way of the progress of society as it moves toward communism, the man should be eliminated for the good of society. Apparently, a lot of folks get in the way.

What got really interesting to me is what I read about Darwinism and Capitalism. The same journalists – and professors and others, I’m not picking on journalists only, it’s just that they do like ideas and they disseminate information – the same people who like the idea of Communism and don’t like Capitalism ascribe to Darwin’s ideas. I’ve looked at our capitalist system and wondered what on earth is happening – why is it so cut-throat? The answer that we-want-what-we-want-everyone-else-be-damned didn’t satisfy. There is a lot of greed and selfishness but that was just too simple. Then I read that Darwinism took hold at the same time that the robber barons were making their fortunes. They were Darwinists and believed and applied “the survival of the fittest” to their business practices. If business is practiced according to the survival of the fittest and not compassion and with a desire to serve people and use the world’s resources responsibly and pay people who work for them fairly…well, there you have it. Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” has inspired many a fellow or lady to step on people on their way up the ladder of success.