When Grace Comes Home

Every time I finished a chapter in this book, When Grace Comes Home, by Terry L. Johnson, I thought it was the best chapter in the whole book. Pastor Johnson used to be Arminian and he became Reformed; his book describes how a person’s perspective is changed by this. Almost seven years ago I made the same change and it really spun my head around on some things. It’s amazing how much bigger God became! But he tells it much better than I can.

If you know someone who is a Calvinist and you want to understand their views, if you know someone who was Arminian but is now Calvinist and seems to be way excited about it and you don’t get why, if you think Calvinists are The Chosen Frozen, you might want to check out this book. And of course, if you are already Reformed this will just be a very enjoyable and encouraging book for you.

Here are the chapters so you can see what he’s talking about:
Worship, Humility, Adversity, Outlook, Witness, Sanctification, Assurance, Law and Liberty, Prayer, Guidance, A Faith for Living.

The ISBN# is 1-85792-539-4
I’ve seen it online at www.monergism.com. I think I picked up my copy at church; I’m sure you won’t find it at WalMart. Whatever you have to do to get it, it’s worth it.